Le centre Thermal sera ouvert du 1er Avril au 9 novembre 2024.


Our well-being workshops

Take some time for yourself, relax, let go, do some sport and breathe for a few hours.

Our well-being workshops

Tree energy

Concentrate on your feelings

Take a walk among the trees, a source of calm


A time for yourself, to relax, gain awareness and share. Authentic and confidential moments

Qi gong

From the Chinese "qi" meaning "energy" and "gong" meaning "work", Qi Gong is the work of energy through the body. Stimulation of the different energy points (the meridians) with the aim of becoming more aware of your body and your emotions.

Hatha yoga

Practice aimed at improving the body and mind through postures, breathing techniques and meditation.

Gentle gymnastics

The ideal way to work on your balance, flexibility, muscular strength and breathing.

Energising gymnastics

Adapted to different needs and levels, combines cardio and muscle strengthening.

Introduction to Nordic Walking

More dynamic than walking, Nordic Walking promotes harmony and coordination between the upper and lower body.

Gently wake up your body

A breath of fresh air in the heart of the spa park. A morning routine to warm up your body and get the day off to a good start.

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