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Bébé avec de l'eczéma

Thermal hydrotherapy for infantile eczema

Eczema is a very common disorder in children, but also in infants. It affects about 15% of children under two years of age. It can have diverse causes, but there are nonetheless a number of ways to cure and eliminate the disorder, such as eczema thermal hydrotherapy for children and infants.

Infantile Eczema

Bébé avec de l'eczéma sur le visage

Infantile eczema can take many forms

  • The most common are atopic dermatitis and contact eczema. Atopic dermatitis arises from a predisposition for developing allergies, related to a weakened immune system. Contact eczema, for example, is caused by contact with an allergenic or irritant substance.

From three months of age

  • This disorder can develop from three months of age, resulting in dry, fragile skin which can no longer act as an effective barrier against harsh external factors. Although not considered a serious condition, infantile eczema is still very unpleasant, causing severe itching. Older children may develop eczema for similar reasons, in addition to possible emotional traumas associated with sudden upheavals in their lives (parental separation, moving house, etc.).  
Bébé avec de l'eczéma sur la joue

Eczema appears as red patches,

Primarily on the face in infants, and possibly spreading to the arms, torso and legs. By scratching these patches, the child increases the risk of infection and this can lead to the formation of scabs and secretions, causing scarring that is difficult to erase over time.

Eczéma dans le creux du coude d'un enfant

Ongoing itching can impair quality of life

And especially your child’s sleep. This can cause your child to become irritable. As a result, your child will become more tired and impatient, which will have an impact on his/her mood.

Enfant qui transpire

Some factors can aggravate eczema symptoms

perspiration, contact with certain irritants such as wool or synthetic fibres and cold weather, etc. There is no treatment that can directly cure eczema. There are, however, ways to soothe itching, which will bring relief to affected children.

What precautions should you take when dealing with eczema

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Doctors dealing with eczema usually prescribe medications to help reduce skin inflammation and soothe itching. They can also prescribe antihistamines to treat allergy as one of the causes of eczema. Soothing creams such as corticosteroids and moisturisers can also be recommended.
You should keep your child’s fingernails short to avoid injury from scratching. Keeping the skin well moisturised is generally recommended when dealing with eczema. Warm baths kept to under ten minutes or so will help prevent the skin from drying out, and thus avoid symptoms getting worse. Wash your child with lipid-enriched soaps, to avoid drying out the skin. You should also dry your child’s skin gently with a towel, and avoid rubbing too hard, but rather dab the skin to reduce any risk of irritation.


Avoid clothing made from synthetic fibres or wool. Preferably opt for more natural soft fabrics, such as cotton. As a general rule, you should protect your infant or child from common allergens to which s/he may be exposed (pollen, specific foods, etc.) and irritants.

Why choose hydrotherapy for your child

Did you know ?
Your doctor can prescribe your infant or child, thermal hydrotherapy for his/her eczema

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Avene thermal spring water has properties that soothe itching and reduce inflammation

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Patient education workshops offer a better understanding of this disorder and treatments, and will help you manage eczema flare-ups.

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The effects will soon become apparent

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When carried out each year, thermal hydrotherapy for eczema helps reduce the frequency and intensity of flare-ups over the following year.

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Feedback from hydrotherapy patients

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It is a place where we can relax and recharge our batteries, the staff are incredible and, thanks to Avène, we are learning to manage our son’s eczema more effectively.

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What a pleasure for a mom to see here daughter's well-being after her treatment ! In addition to those beautiful landscapes.

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A team attentive to the child and his or her care. Undeniable qualities of the staff. I would be happy to return.

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Thanks Avene, for taking care of my baby, we are really happy.