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A hydrotherapy treatment is a good time to learn how to better manage your condition on a daily basis, improve your quality of life or simply talk to other hydrotherapy patients with the same condition. The Avène Thermal Centre offers you a choice of Therapeutic Patient Education (TPE) programmes for personalised support or unit workshops to be chosen according to your needs and desires.

Our Therapeutic Patient Education programme

Our TPE programme: EczA'Gère 

This programme is intended for adults, adolescents and children with atopic eczema. The goal is to better understand this disease in order to improve your daily life and quality of life. It takes place over approximately 8 to 12 hours during the 3-week course of treatment.

This programme was developed in collaboration with French experts in atopic eczema, atopy schools in Lyon, Montpellier, Toulouse and Nantes.
Approved by the Occitanie Regional Health Agency.

Atelier Romane

*Programme Payant, non pris en charge par l'Assurance Maladie

Programme content*



The topics proposed are:

  • Where does it come from and how long will it last?
    By dermatologist Magali Bourrel Bouttaz  www.mag-da.fr
  • How can I better control my skin's hygiene and hydration?
  • Why treat eczema?
    By pharmacist Alexandre Trouillard, School of Atopy, CHU Montpellier
  • How do I manage my daily life with eczema?
    Itching, stress, diet, self-image, lifestyle


he dates of this programme are set in advance, remember to book

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Our unit workshops

Throughout your treatment, you will have the opportunity to attend unit workshops to provide you with information and help you live better with your condition on a daily basis. You will be able to adopt the right hygiene and hydration techniques, learn how to better manage periods of itching or stress and take back control of your body.

Take advantage of these sessions, which are also an opportunity to talk and share experiences.

Taking care of my skin

This workshop will give you valuable advice on how to look after your skin on a daily basis.

2 topics are covered:
What should be avoided and what should be preferred when washing?
Why and how to moisturise your skin?


Calm my itching

Scratching is an aggravating factor in dermatitis, yet it is not so easy to control yourself.
Discover new habits and techniques to stop "traumatising" your skin and limit scratching.

Food, an ally for the health of your skin

Optimise the health of your skin by examining the dietary factors that influence it:
microbiota, anti-inflammatory diet, pro-inflammatory diet. A dynamic workshop led by a dietician. 

Better manage your stress and feel more relaxed

In this workshop, practise self-hypnosis to mobilise the internal resources you need to manage stress more effectively on a day-to-day basis.

Expressing yourself through art therapy

"Letter to my body"
Writing and sharing around writing:
A step towards reconciling with your self-image

Medical make-up and concealer

This medical make-up technique will allow you to conceal your skin blemishes discreetly, whether on the face or on the body, and is open to everyone: ladies and gentlemen

Rejuvenating make-up

Boost your self-image by learning make-up techniques that are easy to reproduce at home and that will brighten and rejuvenate your face.

Image advice using colorimetry

Colorimetry allows you to find the colour palette that enhances your beauty assets, in a natural way according to your skin tone, your eyes and your hair. 

Our Conferences

Our Conferences: The conferences we offer are important opportunities to exchange ideas and understand the dynamics of care, the effects of sport on health and, ultimately, how to better manage your own situation.

"Welcome and information meeting on the hydrotherapy treatment in Avène" to find out all about Avène Thermal Spring Water, its properties, its history, the hydrotherapy process and treatments. An opportunity to ask any questions you may have...

"Dermatology" brings you everything you need to know about eczema or psoriasis

"Physical activity and health", discusses the health benefits of physical activity and sport

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