Le centre Thermal sera ouvert du 1er Avril au 9 novembre 2024.


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Where can I find avene thermal water ? Not in sprays but in bottles. Thanks

Avène thermal water is not bottled and therefore not marketed in this form. The public refreshment bar is open every day except Sundays during the thermal season. You can come and fill your bottles of Avène thermal water freely. Outside the thermal season, please contact the reception of the thermal baths before coming +33(0)4 67 23 41 87.

What is a thermal supported cure?

A thermal supported cure is an approved medical treatment, which is used to treat, in a preventive or curative way a specific affection. It's a natural care using the thermal waters' benefits and their derivatives (mud, thermal gases…). An approved thermal cure lasts 3 weeks, 18 days, without counting sundays, which are considered as rest days. Those 18 days of treatments must be done consecutively. A doctor can't prescript more than one thermal supported cure a year. Those cures are in general, prescripted as a complement of a medical treatment. They are done in approved establishments like Avene thermal center to which your doctor refers you

Hello, I would like to come for a post-cancer treatment of the breast, I see that for the dryness of the skin, the thermal water of Avène is appropriate, on the other hand I wanted to know if there were massages or drainages following the problems appeared after the chemo to know varicose veins, ... thank you

The clinically proven dermatological thermal treatment is beneficial for physical and psychological reconstruction; dermatological hydrotherapy treatments, workshops and professional advice help you to considerably reduce the undesirable skin effects caused by cancer treatments. Ask for our brochure on contact.avenecenter@pierre-fabre.com

Can I choose my cure dates?

Within the limits of access to a medical appointment and if necessary to accommodation, you can choose the period that suits you for your stay, between 13 March and 11 November 2023, starting your cure on Monday.

How do I get my pharmacy or parapharmacy products?

A parapharmacy is at your disposal in the village of Avène (*). You will also find your parapharmacy products in Le Bousquet d'Orb (**) For your prescriptions, you can contact the Pharmacy of Le Bousquet d'Orb (**)

(*) Parapharmacie d’Avène – 37 quai Tannerie – 34260 Avène – 04 67 23 19 98

(**) Pharmacie Des Monts d'Orb – 55 av J Jaurès – 34260 Le Bousquet d’Orb 04 67 23 80 64

Procedures & reservations

Who prescripts the thermal treatment ?

It's your referring doctor who prescripts you the thermal treatment. It's the only one allowed to give you a prescription for a supported cure and to direct you towards a care establishment. In order to have a prescription from a doctor, your treatment must be part of a therapeutic orientation, refunded by the French Health Insurance. In other words, it must be for aa treatment in dermatology, rhumatology, gynecology, breathing troubles. The most frequent pathologies treated are : dermatologic issues, diseases of the oral and lingual mucosa, rheumatic pain. But a thermal treatment can also be appropriated in much other ways.

What are the prices of a thermal cure ?

The prices of a 18-days supported cure range from 600€ to 800€ depending the prescripted thermal package. There are multiple costs in a thermal cure. First there is the medical supervision, meaning, the monitoring by a thermal doctor of the treatments you will receive. This monitoring is covered and refunded at 70% by the French Health Insurance.

Then there is the cure itself. The treatments you receive during the cure are covered at 65% on the basis of a fixed rate that varies according to the pathology you are treating.The rest of the amount may be refunded by your complementary health insurance, as it depends on your contract, ask your insurance company. Discover the Avène Thermal Centre price list for thermal cures.

When and how should I pay for my treatment?

For the treatments packages without support from French Health Insurance and Sensicures, a prepayment, in euros, will be asked at your arrival (credit card, cheques or cash) based on the invoice established on your first day of treatments. The final amount will be realized with you on your departure date. For the medical treatments with the support from French Health Insurance, you will have to pay the day before your departure (Friday). You will received the paid receipt on your departure date (Saturday). Except exceptions, the 35% not supported by the French Health Insurance will have to be paid to the Thermal Center

Hello, is it possible to come only for a few days ?

It exists some short formulas of treatments : well-being treatments or treatments not supported from the French Health Insurance. Find all our offers on our website

Do I have to make an appointment for my cure on the first day?

In fact, before your arrival, you must take an appointment with a thermal doctor, by calling the medical center : +33 (0)9 73 03 26 90 for you arrival consultation. After this arrival consultation, you must present yourself at the center with the thermal cares prescripted by the thermal doctor.

Are all the treatments supported from the French Health Insurance ?

Do not confuse thermal cure with thermal treatments or even with thalassotherapy. Only the supported thermal cure of 18 days is supported from the French Health Insurance. Shorter cures of 2, 3, 6 and even 12 days, day cares, hydrotherapy, thalasso cares are not considered as medical supported actions, and are in consequence, not refunded.

Is the accommodation for the cure covered?

Accommodation for the duration of your treatment is partially refunded and only under certain income conditions. In order to be refunded for accommodation costs, the patient's annual income must not exceed a certain ceiling (just under €15,000 per year).

If your annual income does not exceed this ceiling, the Health Insurance covers your accommodation costs to the tune of approximately €97 for the entire stay. It is therefore advisable to check with your health insurance company, which may be able to cover part of the accommodation costs.

Find out more about our accommodation solutions for your spa treatment.

First day of cure

How long are the cares ?

Your cares are done in one session, with a duration of 1h30 to 2h a day, from Monday to Saturday. The thermal center is open on celebration days.

For the babies, plan 2 sessions of 30-60 mn per day

How will be my first day here ?

The first day of treatment starts with the appointment with the thermal doctor to the medical center located 50 meters far from the thermal center. After this consultation you must present yourself to the thermal center to finalise your file. Your treatments will start just after.

Informations during your treatments

What are the treatments provided during a thermal cure ?

The treatments you will received during a thermal cure can be various. They entirely depend of the affection you come for and the thermal establishment you choose. Thermal establishments are most of the time specialized in specific pathologies. They adapt their treatments in function of the water's specific properties which received the therapeutic use exemption. In general, your thermal cure comports hydrotherapy treatments : baths, showers, local sprays, compresses, underwater massages... You can also receive advices and prevention methods to help you manage your condition. Living away from your usual place of residence is also part of the cure. In fact, staying at the thermal place, in addition to the treatments, allows you to get away from the pathogens you are exposed to on a daily basis and to give your body a break.  

Are the lockers secured ?

You will find some lockers with keys at your disposal in the locker room, for the duration of your cares. It is advised to not let any important or sentimental object in your locker during your cares.

How can we do some dermatological hydrating treatments ?

Dermatological hydrating treatments are proposed but under the thermal doctor prescription. After the prescription and if there are some disponibilities, you must directly take an appointment with the thermal center nurse.

Workshops, animations & Leisure Center

Support for children : how does it work ?

For the patients under 12 years old, an adult presence is mandatory during the treatments. For hygiene reasons, the adult will have to wear a bathrobe during the treatments,  lended each day at the reception of the linen room.

Can we attend the skin health education workshops several times ?

Skin Health Education Workshops are proposed on registration and subject to availability, at the unit, without restriction

How is working the leisure center for patients' children  ?

Children older than 3 years old can be welcomed to Les Muriers Leisure Center located at the thermal center. For any question, you can contact : animation.avene@pierre-fabre.com or +33 (0) /

Animations, where to go?

Les Muriers Leisure Center, located above the restaurant Les Mûriers, 50 meters far from the thermal center will give you all the informations about the different activities and animations organized during your stay. Informations at +33 (0) / +33 (0) or at animation.avene@pierre-fabre.com