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Un enfant recevant des soins

Specific moisturizing treatment

Our range of socio-aesthetic treatments complements the classic hydrotherapy programme. Registration with the medical team is subject to availability. Under medical supervision, these emollient-based treatments provide comfort and hydration, and are performed by socio-aestheticians.

Dermatological Hydrating Treatments

Body Wrap
Body moisturizing massage
Hands/Feet wrap and massage
Moisturizing cream appliction and compress
Scalp wrap
Acne treatment and exfoliation without skin cleasing 

10% off from the second identical care

Une femme recevant des soins

Body Wrap

Apply a thick layer of emollient from the Avène Thermal Spring Water range to the whole body, then lie down on a potato starch occlusive film and cover with a blanket. The treatment provides your skin with hydratation, comfort and suppleness.

This non-aggressive treatment helps boost the effects of the hydrotherapy treatment by reducing the thickness of the stratum corneum and providing greater comfort. Skin is more supple.
If a body wrap is indicated, three sessions are generally offered over the course of a stay at the center. This treatment needs a medical prescription

If you wish to learn more about products made with Avène Thermal Spring Water, please consult www.eau-thermale-avene.com