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Un enfant recevant des soins

Specific moisturizing treatment

Our specific treatments complete our standard hydrotherapy program. Available by medical prescription, specific treatments use emollients to provide skin with comfort and hydration.

Dermatological Hydrating Treatments

Body Wrapping
Scalp Wrapping
Facial modelling with moisturizing cream
Body Moisturizing Massage
Hands/Feets Massage
Hands/Feets Wrapping
Acne Treatment
Acne Exfoliation

Une femme recevant des soins

Body Wrapping

Body wraps are a very important complement to the treatment of dry skin prone to atopy, psoriasis or ichtyosis
The patient is covered in a thick layer of emollient (following the doctor's prescription) and then wrapped in an occlusive plastic film for 45 minutes to an hour

This non-aggressive treatment helps boost the effects of the hydrotherapy treatment by reducing the thickness of the stratum corneum and providing greater comfort. Skin is more supple.
If a body wrap is indicated, three sessions are generally offered over the course of a stay at the center. This treatment needs a medical prescription

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