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Infirmière soignant un enfant

Skin health education


A program of Conferences and Practical Workshops to help patients to better manage their pathology.

In addition to the actual hydrotherapy treatments, the Avène Hydrotherapy Center staff offers a complete programme of conferences and educational workshops for patients and the parents of child patients, to enable them to take care of their health in a global and personalised way.

Workshops for children and parents

Emollient application worshop for children

Two techniques are introduced to either apply the emollient in a fun way, or while de-stressing:

  • a rhyme to make a game of the application,
  • and using a massage to apply cream



Applying cream can be fun

We offer a fun way to get children to apply their emollient daily. The objective here is to transform an unpleasant task into a game that helps children apply their emollient.

Coco and Leo's rhyme

The massage technique

Massaging with an emollient ensures reinforced skin softness and an opportunity for bonding between parents and children, and thereby improved acceptance of treatment.

Applying the emollient

Relaxation for children

During this workshop you will share a moment of bonding and relaxation with your child. You will learn exercises that are easy to reproduce at home to relax your child.

Alternatives to scratching workshop 

This workshop teaches a behavioral approach to itching. Thanks to explanations and demonstrations, you will learn what to do to better anticipate flareups of itchiness.

Creation of the anti-scratch box workshop

By creating their own anti-scratch box, the children appropriate the alternatives to scratching in order to transform the effort of not scratching into a game.

Well-being and make-up workshops

Well-being and relaxation

Method to learn how to "let go", get rid of your stress and regian calm and serenity

Diet to support your health capital

Optimise your health with nutritional advice from a dietitian.

Hygiene and Hydration workshop

This workshop will provide advice on good hygiene and appropriate hydration for your condition, working to complement your medical treatment... It will also help manage your dermatosis in the context of daily life.

Medical makeup workshop

With the assistance of an expert, this workshop teaches how to best use the specific techniques of evenly concealing cutaneous imperfections on the face and body. It is intended for both men and women, irrespective of their condition...

Rejuvenating Makeup Workshop

Because illness can cause signs of aging to appear early, in this workshop you will learn make-up techniques that rejuvenate the face.

Expression and exchange workshops

Led by a clinical psychologist, these workshops are spaces for meeting, listening and exchanging ideas and experiences where everyone can express themselves freely, with other people living in similar situations.