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Hydrotherapy for Lichen of the skin and mucous membranes

In its cutaneous form, lichen mainly causes itching. In its mucous form, the symptoms are more troubling. Flesh may become eroded and even atrophy, causing pain and bleeding. It becomes impossible to brush teeth or eat certain foods. Avène hydrotherapy works on both factors: itching and erosion.

Expected benefits

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Validated effectiveness*

  • Six months after the end of the hydrotherapy treatment, 74% of patients stopped using topical corticosteroids, 66% no longer used corticosteroid mouthwash and 98% had no need for analgesics.

The drinking cure is accompanied by specialized treatments

  • Mouthwashing with Avène Thermal Spring Water,
  • Gingival showers to massage and clean the mucosa,
  • Spraying the mouth cavity for anti-inflammatory and decongesting benefits,
  • Compresses soaked in Avène Thermal Spring Water directly applied to mouth lesions.

* Boisnic S, Branchet MC, Ben Slama L, Licu D. Treatment of erythematous oral lichen planus and Avène Thermal Spring Water. Act Odonto Stomatol 2004;225:57-64.

Indications for an intensive mucocutaneous lichen treatment

  • Indications for Avène hydrotherapy in Disorders of the Mouth and Tongue Mucosa
  • Chronic and subacute Stomatitis and Gingivitis
  • Chronic aphtosis
  • Glossitis (inflammation of the tongue due to various causes)
  • Glossodynies
  • Oral Lichen (erosive, erythematous)

Book your mucocurtaneous lichen treatment

Select one of the treatments below, your choice will be tailored to relieve your mucocutaneous lichen.


Conventional cure

Intensive treatment for buccolingual and mucous membrane disorders

A treatment adapted to your condition. Our hydrotherapy doctors evaluate and choose the care that is best for you.

Health insurance coverage

Duration : 18 days
Advance payment : €60
Second orientation : yes


Unlimited treatment access

A treatment adapted to your condition. A medical opinion at the start of treatment and tailor-made treatments. An Unlimited treatment access does not need to be prescribed by your doctor.

Duration : 6, 12 or 18 days
Advance payment : €100


Sensicure Well-being

Our medical-thermal team bring you the best of Avène by offering SensiCure, a hydrotherapy method that is open to all with unlimited access, following a medical consultation.

Duration : 2, 3 or 5 days
Advance payment : €100