Le centre Thermal sera ouvert du 1er Avril au 9 novembre 2024.

Bathtubs and Devices

Une Femme dans un bain

Baths for both children and adults are equipped with aero bath (air bubbles) and / or automatic hydromassage systems that add to the therapeutic benefits and patient comfort.

The extended contact time between the skin and the thermal water allows it to fully develop its anti-inflammatory, soothing and anti-pruritic properties.

The use of manual underwater showers is also possible by means of a thermal water jet spray immersed in the bath used by a medical assistant in accordance with the spa doctor’s prescription

Un Bébé dans un bain

Tubs for babies and children

Babies are welcome in specifically equipped rooms for their young age. Bathtubs child are arranged in common rooms to create a fun and relaxed atmosphere.

Walk-in baths for patient with reduced mobility

For disabled people, we have a bathtub with door allowing the practice of bathing in thermal water.

Specific Equipments

General showers & spray rooms

The water in the individual shower and spray cubicles is sprayed at different heights.

Underwater massage rooms

Underwater massage rooms complete the technical treatment facilities. The patient lies under a series of low pressure shower heads that continuously moisten the skin. This treatment is administered by physiotherapists and has several objectives: to soften the skin, reduce inflammation and relax patients that are sometimes stressed and have a poor body image.

Tratment chairs for scalp care

The Centre has developed expertise in scalp treatments. It is the only centre offering specifically adapted treatments with chairs that are each equipped with shower helmets. The variable pressure of the Avène thermal water relieves, soothes and calms the most sensitive scalps.